Vision 5000 is:

Vision 5000 is the vision the Lord has given the Father”s House International Ministries in the NW. For a couple of years, the Lord spoke to Apostle Victor about writing the vision down for the church, and due to the size of the vision and what it would take to accomplish it, Apostle Victor hesitated; but the Lord kept insisting that he write it down. It was in the summer of 2014 that Apostle Victor was cornered by the Lord and he found himself in desperation and finally he obeyed. Sitting in his office with just a white piece of paper and a pen in his hand, he began to write. The experience was like a download directly from heaven and his hand and ink being the printer. The first thing he wrote as the header was, “VISION 5000”. Looking back in his life, he remembers this seed being planted more than 3 decades ago in the late 80’s when watching the “Breakthrough” program with Rod Parsley.  He saw 5,000+ souls worshipping the Lord in one accord and now it was time to begin the process of flourishing.

Vision 5000 is a bilingual mega church made up of 5000+ people from different ethnic groups, cultures and backgrounds coming together at the feet of Jesus in worship, service, and reflecting heaven here on earth.